A man attacked people with a hammer in a Chinese restaurant

According to the report that a New York chef has been killed & also others were injured after a man suddenly attack a Chinese restaurant with a hammer. It has been reported that the suspect walked into Seaport Buffet in Brooklyn just before 5:15 in the afternoon last Tuesday and started attacking the restaurant. It has been reported that the owner of the restaurant if already 60-year-old. According to the authorities that they described it as an unprovoked attack.


It has been reported that the three victims were being rushed to the hospital. Where the chef was announced dead from his injuries. According to the witnesses that they have seen the suspect run toward the garage behind the restaurant. A police source said in an interview: ‘It was unprovoked. It appears random. He is an emotionally disturbed person,’ Owner of the Clam Bar named Samantha Randazzo said in an interview: ‘We tried helping people who were trying to come in, customers, but we were scared to even walk out,’ ‘We didn’t know where he was.’ They said a guy came in crazy with a hammer and started hammering certain people, random people, said he was just screaming crazy words like “I’m killing everybody, world is hell.”‘

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