A student lose over £2,500 after renting an Italian holiday villa which is a part of an online scams

A student named Anna Smith together with her 10 friends were planning to go on a holiday break in picturesque Sorrento, Italy. While the group were searching for a suitable villas they have discovered what looked like a perfect deal & booked it, and transfer the £2,500 to the owners. According to the report that Anna and her friends lost the total amount of £2,500. The university student said in an interview: ‘We had all put money aside for the holiday especially, and for many of us it was quite a saving on our student budgets.’It really put me off booking holidays for a while, and even now I get paranoid when I think about it.’


According to the study that consumers must need to take greater care when it comes to booking accommodation online in order to help them prevent them from losing their holiday budget. Barclays Head of Digital Safety named Ross Martin said in an interview:  ‘Trying to escape those January blues may seem like an appealing prospect, but fraudsters are preparing to take advantage of sun-seekers at this time of year.

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