A woman from Malaysia was criticised for taking the 5-foot crocodile at home

According to the report that the incident took place in the city of Kota Baru in the northern Malaysian state of Kelantan when suddenly Azy Nadia Aziz has found a crocodile walking around the back of her house. Azy decided to take the 5-foot crocodile into her home for a cuddle & took a selfie together. In the following scene, the reptile can bee seen taking a stroll around the living room.  Azy took to social media and said that the crocodile was not moving & was not aggressive. Azy added: I took a video with it before releasing it into a nearby river that evening.’


It has been reported that there are some people on social media who criticised Azy for cuddling & posing with the reptile & shared the clip on Facebook but Azy responded saying: ‘Stop criticising me as I did not keep it as a pet. I only captured it for a while.’

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