An amazing live TV bust up two proud Welshmen was being sparked when an EU supporter claimed Brexiteers in their country are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

It has been reported that the BBC has went to the Rhondda Cynon Taff in South Wales, where 52.5% voted to leave the EU & 47.5$ voted to say. Brexiteer also responded saying: ‘Don’t call people from the Valleys turkeys. I’m a Valley boy’. He added that there should be no fear of quitting the EU without the deal according to the report on March 29. A leaver said: We’ve had a referendum. The vote was conclusive’, ¬†‘The decision has been made. We’ve had 40 years to sort this out supposedly. Nothing has improved. We’re bailing them [the EU] out all the time’.when his Remainder rival said ’52/48, conclusive?’,That’s democracy. It could have been one vote it doesn’t matter’.


The Remainder added: ‘I totally disagree. If you look at Wales, it amazes me that the people in the valleys, who are getting more from the EU than anybody else, actually voted to come out’. ‘It’s like turkeys voting for Christmas.’ ¬†According to the report that the Brexit-backer also then replied saying: ‘What if it went 52-48 the other way. Do we have another referendum?’. According to the report that after a moment the result was already announced by Mr Corbyn saying that he would table a no-confidence motion.

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