Harry Redknapp is planning to eliminate the 28 homeless people from a former hotel and turn it into a luxury flats.

According to the report that Harry Redknapp, I’m A Celebrity winner has been been slammed over his newest plans to eliminate or remove the 28 people from a former hotel and wants to turn into a luxury flats. According to the report that Harry Redknapp has submitted a planning application to turn the Belgravia Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset into 14 apartments. It has been reported that the latest project would see the existing three-storey building being retained but transformed into flats. 81-year-old Harry Redknapp said in an interview:  ‘There are 28 people living here who would have nowhere to go.I thought he had given up so it was a hammer blow to see he is still going for it. There is a lack of compassion.’I hope it doesn’t go through as we’ve run it for 30 years but there’s nothing we can do. We can’t afford to fight the proposal.’


The wife of Mr Hunt also said in an interview: We’re not so much worried for us as for the tenants who we took without a deposit. They would be back on the streets if they get evicted.The plan is very unnecessary. There are so many other places he can build blocks of flats and he doesn’t have to choose somewhere homeless people are living.’ A representative for Pierfront Developments also said in a statement: The current tenants’ lease had expired upon which notice was served by Pierfront Developments.The current tenants will be vacating end of January 2019, in line with their lease and statutory compensation will apply.Legal representatives of both parties are fully satisfied with the arrangements.’

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