Lilie Langtry love letters whose affair with Edward VII has shocked the Victorian Britain unveil that she has begged for another lover to brush her off to America

According to the report that the love letters enclosed by a promiscuous actress who had an illicit affair together with King Edward VII have already emerged for sale. It has been reported that married socialite Lillie Langtry had a string of relations with numerous men. Lillie declared her true love for Talbot she wrote:  ‘I was so sorry to say goodbye and to feel that we had wasted the last three days in quarrelling. Why don’t you let me come with you. Will you be glad to see me if I come out to America?I was so pitiful to see the poor coach left behind – I wept all the way back and feel so blue. God bless you. My darling boy. Love you – L.’


Andrew Aldridge, of Henry Aldridge and Son Auctioneers in Wiltshire said in a statement: ‘In today’s world, Lillie Langtry would have been regarded as an A-list celebrity. As well as being a famous stage actress, she was also the face of numerous publicity campaigns from Pears Soap to Brown’s Iron Bitter.Obviously nowadays her dalliance with the then Prince of Wales would have been all over social media but the world was a very different place 140 years ago and their affair was conducted in private.She wrote a lot of letters but to find notes with personal and notable contents is very rare. Here we have eight love letters that chart the short-lived relationship she had with another man.They are undated but were written from 18 Pont Street, which Lillie Langtry purchased during 1890 and the St. James Theatre where she was then appearing in ‘As you like it’ – it seems that they first met during

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