Pranksters constructed their beaten-up ride into a swimming pool

According to the 7NEWS report that the adelaide lads have given a latest meaning to the term “carpooling”. It has been reported that the two larrikins are being parked inside the drive-through bottle shop together with the spectators laughing & took some photos with the cellphones. It has been reported that Port Augusta has posted a top temperature of 48.9C. Chief Medical Officer Paddy Phillips said in an interview: ‘Heat is the worst of our natural emergencies with excess hospital presentations, ambulance transfers and even people potentially dying,’   


Bureau of Meteorology regional director for South Australia John Nairn said: ‘Since then we have not had a weather event that has pushed the hot air out of the continent and it’s been recirculating back and forth,’ he said.’It’s basically a very large pool of air that’s been building and that’s not being shed.’ SA’s State Emergency Service has already launched an Extreme Heatwave Emergency Warning & in the state government has released a Code Red.

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