TV host Jeremy Vine was criticised for saying a young pilot could crash into a house.

According to the report that the BBC star named Jeremy Vine says sorry after throwing a joke that a young girl who recently became Britain’s Youngest qualified pilot could possibly crash into a house.  16-year-old Ellie Carter said that she had been left “heartbroken” because of the ignorant comment. Ellie Carter has accused Jeremy Vine of putting out the wrong message & criticizing young women from going into science of tech-related field. 56-year old Former Countdown star Vorderman took to social media and wrote:  ‘Hello lovely @JeremyVineOn5 @theJeremyVine and @michellegayle1.Young Ellie Carter @dragongirl94 who you discussed on the show last week has been in touch.Ellie has broken two records, she is the youngest girl to go solo in a glider and now at age 16 to fly a powered plane solo.On the show you said that you were worried that @dragongirl94 would crash a plane!!! Pls take a more informed view.’


She added that Vine should have more faith in the dedicated young. Adding: It was such an ignorant comment and she was heartbroken. Girls and tech are downplayed by media as if they are weird in some way. They aren’t. They are hard-working and inspirational.’ Devon said:  ‘You’re great. Am going to drop you a line by post.’You’re doing something a lot of us can’t even dream of. Many congrats.’ Ellie also responded: ‘It was good of him. It’s good when you have someone to support you and along by your side.’ According to the report that Ellie has proposed Vine a flight with her. Michelle Gayle also apologised on Twitter, she took to social and wrote: ‘She deserves to be celebrated and I was very sorry to hear that she was upset. It certainly wasn’t an intention and thanks for letting me know. X.’

‘Ellie’s achievements are remarkable. I believe a comment was passed that one is allowed to fly a plane earlier than they are allowed to drive.’Even though flying appears to be both more dangerous & in need of more skill than driving. However, I have messaged Ellie to apologise.’

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