The Internet is changing the world of dating: You can also find a partner by DNA

Among the few inventions that have been able to launch a revolution across almost the whole world are undoubtedly the Internet. And it was extremely fast. While in the 1990s the number of Internet users within the global population was in the order of percent, today it is more than half. And as the Internet has changed the way we work and spend free time for many of us, in recent years it has influenced not only the course, but it also initiates the formation of love relationships.

According to, by the beginning of this year, the number of Internet users reached 4,021 billion, about 53% of which is more than 7.5 billion worldwide. Social media is used by 3,196 billion people, about 42% of the global population. According to, which quotes the server, the average user spends about 6 hours on the Internet every day, which is an average of one-third of the time a person is awake.

On the other hand, in an ever-accelerating world full of career challenges and job responsibilities, it may be difficult for many to find time to get some fun, such as sitting in a bar. And if it was previously the easiest and most straightforward way to get to know each other and eventually meet a life partner, online dating is now slowly but surely taking over this role.

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Evidence of how modern technologies have transformed the modern dating world is the following graph from the Technology Review server, which shows the results of a survey of couples about the occasion of their introduction. While “traditional” counterpart forms, such as acquaintance through friends, co-workers, family, or bar, are becoming increasingly insignificant, Internet dating has been expanding significantly since the 1990s.

This tendency is evident in both heterosexual couples and even more strongly in homosexuals, which can be explained by the fact that, due to their lower presence in the population, they have fewer opportunities to get to know the potential partner through “classic” ways. According to Statista data, 331.3 million people are using online dating sites to find a love counterpart. While there is still a relatively small proportion (about 8%) in the Internet access population, the number of users is increasing over time. Moreover, in view of the overall more than four billion internet population that is still expanding, the future potential of this industry is huge.

And its dynamic development is also evidenced by innovative types of online dating, such as the Words of Hearts site, which pairs people who have the same passwords. According to BuzzFeed, there are countless different special platforms for acquaintance, be it for cycling enthusiasts, people with various allergies, beings who, rather than people, feel vampires, farmers, or clowns or dating sites exclusively for beautiful people and dating sites exclusively for ugly people, but also for highly tall individuals.

An interesting example is also the Pheramor application, which aims to link those interested in a relationship who should match each other in terms of DNA. According to the creators of the project, there are 11 genes related to attractiveness, with the old known “opposites attracting” in this area. “The more your genes are different from the others, the more likely they will be chemically and biologically attracted to them,” said Asma Mirza, founder of Pheramore, Inverse server.

So, Pheramor tries to connect people who have the most different genes, and as the Inverse server describes, this idea comes from the instinctive resistance to incest, because our relatives have similar genes to us. And even though the name “DNA Dating” might tempt it at first glance, Pheramor has nothing to do with pheromones, whose effectiveness has not yet been reliably proven. “We use genetics science. I’m a chemist and my co-founder, Brittany [Barreto], is a geneticist. We can both tell you that we don’t understand pheromones. We know they exist, but we don’t understand how they work, ”Mirza added

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