Tinder from a man’s perspective. We tried a virtual dating site

We have introduced the Tinder app more than a year ago. This time we dust it for another reason – we thought it would be interesting to do a case study from a man’s perspective. So we have been using Tinder intensively for 2 weeks to convey our experience.

We are establishing a Tinder profile
Tinder alone doesn’t want you to open an account. Instead, you need to sign in with an existing Facebook account to collect information for your profile:

  • name
  • age
  • education
  • employment
  • photo

While you can’t change your name and age, yes, your education, employment, and photos. For this reason, we were very surprised at why we could find more than 50% of the profiles where the women in question work (not only in what position but also with what employer).

Furthermore, Tinder knows what friends and interests you have. This is to be able to show them to the person you connect with.

For the purpose of our case study, we have created a new Facebook account and, in addition to uploading a few photos, we haven’t had to touch it since then.

We chose 6 photos from Facebook account in profile and started to set prefixes in search of counterpart. Specifically, it was a woman aged 25-35 and a maximum distance of 60 km from our location.

What did we find out in 2 weeks?
Overall, we really like the Tinder concept. It is very simple, effective, fun and unfortunately also addictive. We liked the diversity of women’s profiles. We were able to see profiles:

  • only with a standard Facebook profile photo (white silhouette on a blue background)
  • completed from A to Z (all photos, all information) and extended with Instagram profile
  • evidently working (erotic services offerings)
  • only with “motivational” quotes
  • scantily clad ladies, who have written in the description, let the gentlemen kindly not contact them for sex

Although there was still plenty to look at, we had the impression that there were a lot of dead profiles on Tinder. Whether people install an app on their phone, they uninstall after a few days and do not delete the profile, or because they have a partner, but do not turn off their profile and respond to incoming emails.

Our activity in the above 2 weeks:

  • we’ve seen over 500 profiles
  • we distributed about 60 liquors
  • we have given away 5 super liquors
  • we reached 11 matches
  • we had 8 real conversations

Why only 8 real conversations when we had 11 matches? We were weird when we did like this at night and we got a message in a second that we were in agreement. However, there was no conversation because the ladies did not respond. We then found an app in Google Play that automatically responds to likics.

Only 1 like (and paradoxically at a time when we did not have uploaded photos in the profile, ie only the mentioned white silhouette on a blue background) came to us.

Only 2 ladies decided to write first, others waited for our activity – even a few days. It is hard to say whether it is upbringing, strategy or worrying that we might turn out to be another horny, who asks for ticklish photos.

During use, we only encountered 2x for 12-hour limit of liqueurs. Unfortunately, there is no indication of what the exact number is, since it is calculated for each profile individually – depending on whether you are viewing other profiles before you give them like, or how often you chat with someone when a match, etc. occurs.

Application tightness
The fact that Tinder is not a newcomer and how many people use it globally is a surprise for us (the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – both with factory ROM without modification). Especially we were irritated by:

  • frequent falls at random moments
  • long loading of some profiles (it often happened that someone’s profile photo was loaded so long as the application fell)
  • although we were still using the app in one place, our distance to others was almost always different (and even though a few km of inaccuracy would not have made us, it was often a difference of 50-200 km)
  • when writing longer messages, the typing window was stretched so high that it was impossible to see previous messages we were trying to respond to
  • frequent application appraisal

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